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The beauty of The Relationship Inventory is that you leave it with a greater understanding of what's working and what's not in your relationship. You get clarity around any false assumptions you have about what the relationship needs. And you'll know the direction you need to take to create a fulfilling love. 

Take Inventory 

Leave Closer Than Before


Calendar your session, receive payment and date confirmation. Fill out a short email questionnaire. Follow your email link to start your session on your confirmed date and time. 



... In session, we'll discuss in greater detail what you would want to achieve through the process and uncover what has kept you from having that in your life.  


...Couple and marital problems may be as simple as a lack of knowledge, or implementation of structures, or poor communication models, or as complex as deep resentment and emotional stops, etc.. We'll discuss each partner's concerns and get clarity around each partner's needs for happiness. 


...Then we will discuss what the retreat process would look like and how my coaching model will work to assist you with your specific outcomes. You leave with an understanding of your blocks, clarity of your needs and a recommendation for the right retreat for you. I'll address any questions or concerns you might have. Then we choose to move forward together or we choose to not move forward. Either way, a choice is made at the end of this session and you'll have a written assessment of your love and a clear direction on how to improve it.  

"George has an uncanny ability to feel where I am to cleverly know how to respond in a way that allows me to bring out my own brilliance. I've been able to make decisions in my life with confidence that propels me to not only move forward but also to thrive. George's coaching has had a tremendous impact in  fostering an amazing relationship with my husband and with my sexuality.

— ZIla Phillips 

Liscenced Professional Counselor

"Zila and I (married for 13 years) have cultivated a tremendous amount of resentment that we didn’t even know about, we just knew that our relationship wasn’t working right.  We weren’t talking things through and I did not feel safe to share my feelings (anger and happiness) with my wife which is what she wanted most. I felt like everything I did was wrong.  George was able to get in with us during the most volatile moments and slowly and carefully peel away our resentments to show us that we actually did have desire for one another. After almost every session my wife would jump me and f**k me silly with the realization that we were connected… that was a few years ago.  Now we still fight, but our fights have flow, they have a certain quality that we are actually enjoying our time together.

— Ben Phillips

 Relationship Coach

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