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The Hard Questions


The hard questions are those questions that couples need to face but don’t know how to, or are afraid to face. Others let hurting couples lead sessions down well worn and ineffective paths, and set a couple up to struggle all over again. 


In an At Home Couples Retreat, you answer The Hard Questions together, creating answers that build strong bonds, lead to trust and enhance mutual respect.

The entire focus of At Home Couples Retreat is to help hurting couples stop hurting. People who have couple problems and marital problems are certain they know what the problem is. If a couple knew their problem, they would find a solution. Couples struggle because they haven't gone deep enough, long enough, to find the real problem underneath their behaviors. We help couples by drilling in on The Hard Questions to uncover real solutions.


 Space To Be Heard 

Hard Questions Lead To Real Solutions During Dedicated Couple Time

Aided Visual Learning

Aided visual Learning are the slides that contain the Hard Questions, but in a format that starts heart to heart dialogue. Others teach at a heady level where couples get lost and confused. At Home Couples Retreat slides, guide couples into deep conversations without getting them lost or frustrated.

Bridge Emotional Differences

Bridging emotional differences is guidance that allows each partner to be emotionally met where they are. Others focus on making good or bad decisions to reach "normal". At Home couples retreat focuses on emotional connection and helping couples find the path that's right for them. 

 Hard Question & Answer Format

The Hard question and answer format offers to engage couples in in-session conversations with one another. Others sit in between a couple as an expert. At Home Couples Retreat in depth sessions, allow couples to discuss topics they never knew were needed for happiness together.

How It Works

1, 2, 3 GROW
Step 1: Sign Up For The Relationship Inventory

In this step you'll take stock of how well your relationship has been working up till now. Then discover where you want to go next. In this 90 minut in-depth session we'll explore each partner's individual needs within the relationship and find out which love strategies you'll need to implement for future love and happiness. To take yours and learn more click here. 

Step 2: Start Your Retreat

At the end of The Relationship Inventory, you have a written assessment on your relationship and your needs and desires for a happy future together. Together we will decide the next step, if any, and you will be given a link for a full description and details of your retreat options. For more information on retreats availability click here.

Step 3: Attend Your Retreat From Anywhere

Once you pick and approve your retreat,you'll receive a calendar link with every detail you'll need for attendance. Pick a flexible day and time or set a fixed day and time for your weekly or bi-weekly retreat sessions. Maintain momentum and growth through by attendance when you travel, together or alone, for work or pleasure. To schedule The Relationship Inventory click here.


Meet Your Facilitator

The Expert Questioner Who Questions Expertly


I learned how to help people find answers through two major events in my life. 


The first was retiring from professional football at 25 and working in the NFL as a scout, where I questioned thousands in interviews to uncover the hidden motivations, desires and personal strengths of athletes. 

The second was in a coach training program,  taught by a company called OneTaste. OneTaste taught a practice called Orgasmic Meditation, where practitioners focussed on the female orgasm. Here I learned to ask intuitive questions that inspired clients to go deeper into personal transformation and connect to others. 

In 2013 I opened my first coaching practice called Inspired Relationship, where I coached singles looking for love and partnership, men and women who wanted to get in touch with their desires, how to be a better flirt and play with the opposite sex.

​In 2014 a former classmate Onetaste asked for my help with their marriage. I created my first remote coaching program for them. That program helped transform their relationship but it also changed my coaching practice. After coaching Ben and Zila,  my first married couple,I found my specifice calling and was determined to stop coaching with singles and teaching seduction. To read the entire Ben and Zila story, click here.

By the summer of 2015, I wrote my first home retreat. Tests showed it worked and I incorporated couples into Inspired Relationships. 

In 2019, I changed the name of my practice to At Home Couples Retreat, added a third retreat and began to focus on couples problems related to frustration and anger, resentment and rejection in committed love relationships. 

Since launching as At Home Couples Retreat, in session questions have been updated to create more immediate intimacy between couples. Today there is a blog and podcast to help couples answer many hard questions on their own. And coming soon, there will be a video learning channel.

I see it as my purpose in life to help couples express all that they are and know that the love they give will be met and received by their partner graciously.  It’s what I want for myself and the world.


What Clients Are Saying

To Find Me On Google Click here

"It has been a pleasure to work with George weekly, it has helped me to be the best person I can be and to see that the best person was right there in front of me and I just didn't notice."

Pei Ru Ko

 "I worked with George to be more in touch with my feelings and emotions. I learned that I am a pretty deep person and that I can feel a lot. This has helped me connect with my purpose in life and I am making big strides personally and professionally."

Scott Richardson

"This is a great place to come if you’re looking to understand yourself in the context of your relationship and how you can create a win-win situation for both of you."

Mia Bradford


On A Personal Note...

Happiness Is Living Your Values 

I’ve spent most of my 12 years in Northern California living walking distance to the ocean. I love hiking among giant Redwoods and coastal cliffs. I geek out on metaphysical books that deal with the psychology of shadow and desires. Community is important to me and I meditate daily. My spirit is fed dancing to EDM on sunday morning and overnight under the stars at a desert music/art festival. A museum is food for the soul and mind. I have a costume trunk.  Part of my calling in life is to spend an hour everyday, going on imaginary adventures, with my 3 year old daughter Ayana. And I enjoy cooking meals for the family, although I’m not what you'd call a foodie. Peace and Love. 


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